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DIY time

I have been on this major Do-it-Yourself craft kick thanks to my dear friend over athttp://www.wearethatfamily.com/
So here are some pictures of my latest projects. The first one is my attempt at a fall tassel-this was so much fun to make.

As you know I am also doing a makeover in my laundry room (which I will post this weekend) and I had these old silver boxes that I stored pictures, cards, craft stuff, etc... .. they needed a serious make over so out came the black paint, scrapbook paper, and trim... ... here's the before

and after... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

and speaking of black paint. I am now obsessed with anything and everything black. It is amazing what a little black spray paint will do. These next two pictures are my latest spray paint jobs. One is a basket I got at Marshalls for $5 - it was bright pink- it now holds my dryer sheets. The other is a wrought iron key I got at Hobby Lobby for $7. It was this ugly gold and rust color- get out that little can of spray paint and ta-da!!

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