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End of Summer

I can't believe summer is coming to and end. Here in Idaho I love that we have four seasons, it makes it so fun anticipating the next one and reminiscing on the last. But, I wish winter could be shortened up a bit and summer longer. Blake's siblings are all headed back to school this week, so we took his whole family out on the lake as a last summer party. We barbecued on the beach and listened to music. We all jumped in and swam around and had jet skis out there to ride. For some reason I was super nervous to ride on the back of the jet ski, I was scared of falling off or something. Which is funny because we are literally on that lake a few times a week and I've spent hours swimming around in it. But it ended up being SO fun. Blake did doughnuts and spun us around while I held on as tight as I could. I loved it. So here's to the last of the long, sunshiny, boat riding, summer days. Summer time - you've been good to us. xoxo Angela

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