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Fantasia - Back To Me

Well, we will have to see how she does marketing this new album after her huge fall-out this past week. I hope you are doing much better Ms. F!

The album is fun and a step beyond urban pop... she's got soul! However, some of these songs seem a bit over mixed and the vocals are somewhat questionable at parts, verging on that Donald Duck sound we hate to hear from Fantasia!

Overall a decent album!

Track listing is as follows:

1. I'm Doin' Me
2. Bittersweet
3. Man of the House
4. Who's Been Lovin' You
5. Collard Greens & Cornbread
6. Teach Me
7. Move On Me
8. Trust Him
9. The Thrill Is Gone (feat. Cee-Lo Green)
10. Falling In Love Tonight11. Even Angels
12. I’m Here (from "The Color Purple" musical)

Album - Grab It Before It's Gone

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