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Ottoman Before & After... Schumacher Trim by Mary McDonald

Hello friends! I am still trying to get back into the groove of things after an amazing time at Haven. It was so good to meet so many amazing ladies and chat about design- Emily Clark, Kristen Jackson, Sarah Macklem, Sherry Hart, Cyndy Aldred, Elizabeth-The Mustard Ceiling, and the list goes on & on. The conference was geared toward DIY'ers. I myself can appreciate and enjoy a few swipes of the paint brush and I have at times yielded a can or two of spray paint, but its not where my strength or passion lies. I have learned the hard way that I do-not-do-it-myself. I am more of a DIFM gal (do-it-for-me). Hence the ottoman I am about to show you. This was a $10 thrift store ottoman with good bones. And to be completely honest with you, 3 years ago (when I was feeling my DIY-ness) I attempted to recover this ottoman (I will spare you the photo). After the failed attempt to recover it, I tossed it into the kids playroom and forgot about it. Then earlier this year I came across this image:

And thats all I took and i was off to my upholsterer for a makeover. He took one look at my "attempt" at recovering and said "OH my God! who did this?!!" to which I replied "I have no idea! I bought it this way" and that my friends is why I do not D.I.Y... ... ... ... .. Here is the BEFORE:


Much better right?! My sofa also got a makeover and I will be sharing those photos soon.Cheers!!

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