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Say it isnt Sew... ...

Ok here is my 1st attempt of "mistreating" my windows. NO SEWING ALLOWED. I had these plain green napkins thrown over my curtain rods in my kitchen for some time.

I got tired of the plain green and wanted to spruce up the windows and bring in some black. Because my walls are wallpapered (by previous owner) and I don't have the time or money to redo the walls- I have to accessorize my kitchen to make it look cute. It took about 3 yards of this beautiful black gathered fabric from Hobby Lobby (on sale mind you) 4-5 yards of trim, glue gun, and ribbon (that I got on sale after Christmas for $1!!!---25 yards of ribbon for a $1) I knew this ribbon would come in handy soon.

So here's the finished product. Its not the best but it works for me!

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