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State Fair

Ah, Western Idaho Fair.. this is another reminder that my warm, perfect summer days are coming to and end. Thankfully, there are so many fun things to squeeze in before it is boots and sweater time (which I can't wait for- bring on the outfit posts). I don't really know if other places do a fair, or if they are a big deal, but the one here is a pretty big deal in town. I feel like everyone goes! And it surprises me every time I go, how big and fun it is. We didn't do any rides, but the food.. it is theee best. The fattiest, tastiest, only need it once a year to fill my craving fair food. I didn't get a picture of my funnel cake because my fingers were too sticky with chocolate and powdered sugar haha. But we had that and lemonade and corn dogs... mmm :) We went with a friend who brought her daughter and I'm pretty sure she was just living the life last night. She was winning prizes, feeding animals, going on rides, bringing home fish. Not a care but to have fun! PS Sorry these pictures are terrible! All we had was my phone and it doesn't handle the dark very well. Have a great week! xo Angela

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