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The Essence Of Autumn

Those who know me- know that Fall is my favorite time of year to decorate. Living in the hot humid South causes me to yearn for Fall-like weather in August (which is usually when I pull out the fall decor). This year when I ventured up into the attic (which by the way was well over 115 degrees up there) I was surprised to see that I had accumulated 5 larges tubs and 3 trash bags full of Autumn Splendor! WOW I do have an addiction. But because I have been scaling down my home this year, cleaning out, throwing out, giving away, re-organizing, etc., etc., I decided not to use every singe garland, pumpkin & pine cone- and you know what? I like it. Its just the right touch of warmth. I feel like my home has been lightly kissed with the warm, yummy spices of fall and not assaulted with fall frenzy. I always thought because I couldn't "really" have fall here in Texas that I could "make it happen" within my home- but I'm pleased now to just have the essence of it and it not look like an aisle at Hobby Lobby. So if you want to just "spice" up your home this fall- use what you have- scale down-lean towards little and you might find it quite the pleasure.

For more fun fall ideas head on over to Rhodas at Southern Hospitality cuz its Fall ya'll!!

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