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Today on "Coffee With" I am pleased to present the beautiful & talented Kirsten Krason of 6th Street Design School.

Kirsten's designs come to life with her use of vibrant colors and patterns.

I have been an avid follower of her blog for some time and it was an honor to have her here today- I only wish I could have teleported to Utah and had a real cup of coffee with her.
Here's what Kirsten had to say:

When did you know that Interior Design was your passion? After I got married I was able to discover my love of Interior Design. I started decorating our little apartment and nothing made me happier than coming up with new ideas for our home. After that I decided to change my major to Interior Design and follow my passion. Where do you find your inspiration? I am inspired by blogs, books, magazines, friends and my clients. I love it when a client comes up with something I never would have thought of. This is where i am pushed most to come up with new and creative designs. What is your favorite book/magazine on design? How about your favorite site? Every time I get a new House Beautiful in my mailbox I am giddy with excitement. I love flipping through the pages to see color and vibrant spaces. They do a great job with their publication. What is the most frustrating aspect of your job as a designer? And the most rewarding one? The most frustrating part are difficult clients. The ones who take FOREVER to decide on things and are SUPER picky. Those are the clients that make me want to throw my hands in the air and quit. I, myself, am not a picky person so it's hard for me to work with people like that. The most rewarding part is getting to see a room finished and to get happy responses from clients. I love it when they tell me they couldn't have done it without me. This makes me feel like I've added value to their life and home. What decorating techniques/ideas/projects would you recommend to a homeowner who wants a quick fix to their room?
I always say buy beautiful pillows! If you only have money for one thing get great pillows. Fabrics transform everything. What’s something you should never skimp on when decorating your home? Don't skimp on pillows and curtains. For some reason people assume that buying ready made curtains from just anywhere are good enough for their home. Your draperies are a HUGE part of your room and not enough people realize that. 
 What’s your favorite color combination lately? Anything with coral. teal and coral, navy and coral, yellow and coral. I just love it. Most cherished possession? I really love the pillows in my home. A lot of the fabrics are discontinued or hard to come by and I feel like that makes them irreplaceable. I try to be careful with them because I shudder at the thought of having to replace them. What would your dream project be? I would love to work with a client who had a ton of money and would let me do whatever I wanted. (don't we all want that!) It would be great if they lived somewhere exotic and would fly me in for appointments. Doesn't that sound wonderful!
To see more of Kirstens work visit her website HERE and her blog 6th Street Design School.

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