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Dexter is Delicious - Jeff Lindsay

The creator and author of the super popular character Dexter (a Miami Metro Blood Spatter Analyst and Serial Killer) has a new tale to tell... a Delicious tale! The character reached new levels of fame when televised in the Showtime original series "Dexter' by the same name. However, the series does not follow the books. The two media depictions have gone in two different directions since the very beginning of the show on Showtime. . In this new tale told by prized author Jeff Lindsay, Dexter is troubled with humanity with the birth of his daughter Lily Ann. On top of that there is a new breed of killer he's attempting to deal with who likes the taste of human flesh... entering the world of cannibalism puts Dexter at a aim to kill the human eater! Full of awkward predicaments and funny moments, the book is sure to please the fans!

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