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Getting organized

I really enjoy organizing, whether it's one drawer, a closet, or for me this time, the top of the desk that sits in the kitchen.

I had papers stacked on top of the desk and was just sick of seeing them out in the open. It was time to find a home for all these papers, before the kids go back to school and bring home more papers. I decided to buy the really cheap magazine/file holders from Ikea. They come in a pack of 5 for just $1.99. They were just a plain white cardboard so I added some thick muslin fabric, glued right to the front. I got out my scrapbook stash and attached round metal tags to the front with brads, then stamped the contents of each cubby.

After completing these, I realize I could use a few more, one for each kid, and a few others, but first I'll have to make some more room on my desk.

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