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Since my home office is finally coming to a finish, I have mentally moved onto another project - my daughters room. Now let me tell you designing for an 8 year old is proving to be a challenge - especially when she is the artsy, fancy free, drama queen kind. After sorting through the entire rainbow of colors - she decided on Coral. It "HAS" to be coral Mom - not pink, not orange but coral. So my quest over the past few weeks has been to hunt down coral fabric. After many "no's", "nope" and "uh-uhs" I showed her this:

Schumacher-Trina Turk Trellis

I dare not tell her the color-way of this fabric is called Watermelon, because in her mind, it's the perfect coral. So now we have our inspiration fabric and I plan on using this on an upholstered headboard. We will also be adding turquoise and maybe a touch of yellow.I thought I would share some more inspiration photos of little girl's rooms I have found.

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