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It Take's a Thief - Thievery Corporation (Greatest Hits)

The latest release by lounge-style DJ duo Thievery Corporation is a collection of their best and greatest hits. The duo's music has been featured on numerous Showtime and HBO shows throughout the years as well as other collective ambient cd's such as Buddha Bar and Hotel Costes.

Tracklist is as follows: 01. Amerimacka 02. Lebanese Blonde 03. Facing East 04. Holographic Universe 05. Shadows Of Ourselves 06. Sound The Alarm 07. Until The Morning 08. Sweet Tides 09. Satyam Shivam Sundaram 10. All That We Perceive 11. Air Batucada 12. Exilio (Rewound) 13. Vampires 14. Warning Shots 15. The Richest Man In Babylon 16. The Passing Stars

It Take's a Thief - Thievery Corporation