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Labor Day Weekend

Looking at all of these pictures together they look completely random and all over the place, but this was all one day!! Yes, we went from snow to the forest to the lake within hours.. welcome to Idaho. We spent Sunday up in McCall which is about two hours outside of Boise and is a little resort town on the lake! Over holiday weekends it is packed with everyone out having fun, which makes it so happy and upbeat. Our original plan was actually to take our bikes with us and go mountain biking with a few friends at a ski resort called Brundage. On a side note to explain our thinking.. during the summer they use the ski lifts to ride you and your bike to the top of the mountain, then you get to do the whole downhill part minus the uphill, hard part! It sounded so fun! But.. when we got to the resort it was covered in snow! haha. We had not really counted that into our plan. So we took the lift without our bikes and walked around and looked at the gorgeous valley. Then, on our way back, we found some biking trails at the foot of the mountain and rode through the trees for a few hours. I want to go back to that bike park, it was so beautiful and definitely my favorite mountain biking trails I've been on so far. After a dinner on the lake we went to the hot springs to relax and soak. I could literally sit in hot springs every night. It was a long day but oh so fun! Tomorrow I have off and am hoping to get caught up on a few things! Hopefully we see that happen :) Hope everyone had a GREAT labor day weekend. Would love to hear what you did! xo Angela

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