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Numbered Drawers

My sons' dresser got a little makeover this weekend.

Here's what it looked like before. I liked the existing color but it just needed a little something.

I wanted to add some number detail similar to what I found in an old Anthro catalog.

I used some letter stencils from my scrapbooking stash for the "st" etc. I used my homemade number stencils from this project but then realized the numbers were too small and getting lost in the whole look. I needed them bigger but was feeling too lazy to have to go make new ones.

I decided to just freehand some larger numbers in pencil first, then filled it in with black acrylic and a small paintbrush.

Once I got everything painted, I made sure it was completely dry and then went over everything with fine sandpaper.

The sanding gave it an aged feel and helped to conceal the boo boos I made when painting.

A little bit of paint and an hour's worth of time really added a lot of character to a room that just needed a litttle "something".

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