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Payette Lake

This weekend we decided that we wanted to go back to McCall with the boat to spend some time on the lake! The lake is so green and gorgeous, and I love looking at all the beautiful houses on the shore.
This is the same little, adorable town we spent Labor Day in, but this time we went back with my parents. There is a mountain biking area there that is so much fun, when we were there last week I told Blake how much I would love to go back with my parents and it just worked out that we could this weekend. The other thing I LOVE about having my parents with me is having my mom there to take pictures, she is so fun to be with! She also made me go tubing with her behind the boat which of course was way more fun that I thought it would be!

We had such a fun weekend, but even more exciting is that my sister-in-law got engaged in New York City to her sweet fiancé!! I literally could not be more excited for them!! So, we will have a wedding in the near future! YAY!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Much love - Angela

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