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Blake was out of town ALL day today and over the weekend, and I am going crazy and missing him so much!! It actually amazes me that I can even miss him even more than I think I will! He is on a plane on the way home now and I am supposed to be picking him up soon so I am hoping that writing this will keep my eyes open! My little sister and I are only two years apart so growing up we were always so close. Looking through old pictures we literally did absolutely everything together! But time goes on and things change and my sister and I have grown more and more apart over the last few years.. not in a bad way.. but we only live 15 minutes from each other and she hadn't seen my house since we bought it.. 2 years ago. So tonight we finally went on a sister date and had SUCH a great night together. Sisterly love is so fun and sweet and encouraging! I feel like I can just speak whatever comes to mind and it is so easy and natural with a sister.. and isn't she beautiful?! She truly is a beautiful person, I don't want to miss out on anymore of her! No more of this two years without being to my house nonsense. Sorry if this is a bit blah blah blah.. but I am so sleepy and I am trying so hard to keep my eyes open! But I think it's about time to hop in the car and go get my handsome! Good night lovelies. Angela

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