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^^Blake's video ^^ Forgive me that I look crazy silly in this video. I was skydiving!! We went SKYDIVING!!! I can't believe we actually did it! It's one of those things that of course we've always talked about doing but any time Blake would say he was going to book it I would totally chicken out and tell him not to! So one of our friends surprised us for Blake's birthday with tickets to do it! Being surprised with it already booked was the perfect way! I didn't actually have to decide to jump out of a plane, I had to. :) So, for those of you who have done it.. those planes!! The plane is the tiniest little plane and it feels like you are just going to tip out of it on the way up, I was so glad I was already strapped to my guide! For those of you who have not, the plane is tiny, tiny and feels like it might just drop out of the air. I think the plane ride up made me almost as nervous as the actual jumping out part! I would definitely have to say that the parachute part was my favorite. The plane ride was all nerves for me and a ton of excitement, then the free fall made me scream like I have never screamed before.. I couldn't even help it! But the gliding down in the parachute was super peaceful, and you could see everything around you for miles in perfect, complete silence. I was so beautiful and peaceful and fun! It was seriously a blast, I think everyone should try it! XO Angela

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