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$800 rug for faa-reeee

Yep I got an $800 8 X 11 area rug-freeeeeeeeeeeeee. well, I did have to sell my old rug- but it was an even wash. So this is how the story unfolds... ... I had this very Traditional/Oriental rug that did not match my current decor. I listed it on our local Classifieds. I then found the perfect rug on this very same website -listed for $180. It sells for over $800 at Home Decorators Collection- here is the picture. I was quite excited to find how much it cost originally, then I quickly realized why is was only $180. There is a nice large PINK stain on it. As I sat there and looked at this "perfect for my room" rug-I thought to myself "I can get this out" and if I cant- well, I'll just put a piece of furniture over it! So I asked the lady if she would take $100 for it and she said "yes" !!! woo-hoo!! I practically ran to my car with that baby. Then that very afternoon a gentleman came by and purchased my old rug for exactly $100!! so I basically did a rug swap! I have not been able to get the stain out as of yet. She said it was candy that the kids left. If you have any great stain busting tips please share. I have tried OxyClean, Wool Light pet stain, and Bissel Stain remover-all to no avail. So the coffee table currently sorta covers it up, kinda. But hey for faaa-reee I am not going to complain! Here is a picture and that cute little round table you see there- $10 baby!!! its in need of some TLC but I LOVE LOVE the lines and the top has this great leather inset.

So the moral of this story- dont be afraid to ask for a lower price! they just might say "yes"!

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