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Ballard Look-Alike Mirror

I did a little painting this weekend, and this time I tried something different.

The other day at Walmart I picked up a $2 can of gray spray paint, I realized later that it was technically primer, but I like the end result.

Here's what it looked like before in my very messy garage--pretty boring.

I sprayed about 3 coats, using almost the entire can of spray paint. This was a lot easier than my usual brush method. I decided to not tape off the mirror. After it dried, I sanded the edges and and added a walnut stain for an aged look.

Then I used a razor blade and some windex to get all the paint off that got sprayed onto the mirror. That was a real pain, next time I will tape off the mirror, at least a little bit.

This is the first gray piece I have done and I really like the color. It reminds me of pieces I have seen recently in Restoration Hardware and Ballard Designs' catalogs.

I am very tempted to do this to my all black bed, but it is a king and I'll have to think on it for a while to make sure I really want to attempt that big of a project.

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