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Laduree' New York

This past weekend my husband went to New York for a friends wedding. I made him promise me he would make a stop here: (you HAVE to check out their site- its so cute)

And bring me back some of these: Lovely Laduree Macaroons!

While he was there he took some shots with his phone until he got busted and was told "no photography" - really? At least they were polite in asking him with their chic French accents.

The other day he asked me if I had tried them- I was like "ummm No, because I haven't taken photos of them yet!" (I know you all can relate-right?)So before I busted into these little gems- I took some pictures.

And Im sure the question your all wondering is "are they good?"

OH-EMMM-GEE! Its an experience I tell ya! Im now hoarding the rest of them in my nightstand so the kids dont find them!

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