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My Office- The Details

Im still editing some detail shots of my office, ok truth be told my husband is still editing some detail shots. (love you dear!!). I stink at photo editing.
Here are some of the recent ones he worked on this past weekend. The before shots are HERE.
This chandelier had an ugly brown/black metal finish that I glammed up with some gold leafing.

I use my sewing machine quite often for quick pillow and drapery projects, so I needed a little space for that. The desk was an old sewing desk I found at a thrift store. I primed and painted it white, then spray painted the handles gold.

You can see the before pictures of this chair HERE My favorite part of this chair is the back- but unfortunately you can't see it because it sits here in the corner. But its still makes me giddy to know its there.

This is one of my favorite shots! I bought this mirror at a garage sale last year for $1.

We are still trying to get a good shot of the bed and headboard- its just missing something. I need something on the wall where the two brown pillows are-but what? Any suggestions? It just looks awkward, but it person its not as noticeable.

Detail shot of the diamond-like buttons.

The desk is also a little DIY- that I will post about soon.

Another shot of my sewing table. The framed inspiration board-you can see more about it HERE.

And last but not least- my husband made me promise to show you this photo. He worked very hard on it. It is a series of photos that he "seamed" together with his cool little software. (this ones for you dear) He titled it "View from the pink chair". Its a tight space and Im sure as my business grows I will have to take over a larger room, but for now it works.

Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Colonial Revival Gray

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