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Weekend Shopping

For those of you who follow me on Instagram you probably saw all my great finds this past Saturday. It will truly a great day of deals!First stop was HomeGoods where I scored a replacement for poor old Horace (my horse head). He made an unfortunate fall while I was styling my fireplace mantel for Autumn. I shared his injury on Instagram and had some great suggestions of what to do with him and his one-eyed self.

But in the end I scored this new guy from HomeGoods and am quite excited about him:

I also grabbed this guy- Im thinking I need a name for him as well.

After I loaded up the boys in my car, I headed over to the Habitat Restore Store.

Now Ive been to the Habitat Restore place before and usually walk out empty handed, but not this day.I bought a pair of these Anita Visual Comfort lamps- brand new-they were still wrapped in bubble wrap & styro foam. They retail for $420 each- here. I paid... ... wait for it... ... ... ... ... $30 a lamp! Thats what they call a Jesus deal!!!

Im thinking of adding black shades to them.I also grabbed this Visual Comfort brass floor lamp:

It retails for $399 here and I paid... ... ... $30 for it- oh yes I did! So needless to say I was doing quite the happy dance that day.Oh and I also found this great wooden pillar to hold my man-head (the one my family hates and wishes he would fall to his death). I like the weathered wood and how it matches the buffet in my dining room.

Now after seeing all these pictures of statues & busts Im starting to think I might be a little weird. I guess you could say Im one mounted deer head away from being off my rocker.

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