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A lovely {ruffly} gift to myself

A while back Jeanne Oliver Designs was having a little sale on some items.
This is what I bought: {ruffled messenger bag--source: Jeanne Oliver}It turns out, it's even cuter in person. The attention to detail is amazing, including the charming lining.

This is how the package came. So beautiful, I almost didn't want to open it.
It was so cute I went back {to the website}. I really shouldn't have. But I did. Unfortunately for those interested, the ruffled messenger bag was sold out but she still had the Sadie. And again, it's even cuter in person. I love the vintage floral pattern and colors--kind of reminds me of vintage sheets, which I am currently loving and collecting--and the ruffly flower.The package came just as beautiful--topped with old book pages and vintage looking tags--talk about primping a package! This got me thinking, do people get as excited as I did when they get my packages? I didn't really need to ask the question, I already know the answer. This has inspired me to spend a little more time when packaging items from my etsy shop. I think it makes a huge difference when something is wrapped so beautifully--somehow it makes the gift inside even better. So I vow to do better. Although it won't look exactly like this, it will be wrapped beautifully enough to give as a gift. Also, I'm working on adding some new items to my etsy shop, along with some handmade items {remember my vintage sheet love? that may or may not have something to do with it}. I am really excited about them and hope they will turn out as great as I envision them. I'm hoping to get my shop updated by the end of next week, I'll let you know when I do.
keep primping,

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