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My gratitude list (in no particular order):
1. a wonderful family who I love immeasureably
2. good health (despite a little cold at the moment, helps keep me humble and grateful when I am feeling 100%)
3. internet (how did we ever live without it?) I love connecting with all of you and getting such inspirational ideas.

4. a hardworking, and patient husband who puts up with all my constant thrifting and decorating

5. cute kids who make me laugh (and cry) everyday

6. faith in knowing we are here for a reason and trying each day to be a better person7. a comfortable house we call home--my heart goes out to those who want for things we often take for granted

8. Internet--oops, I guess I said that already

9. seasons--we actually have seasons here where I live, and are currently changing into winter (which I love at the moment, come February, however, I'll hate it)

10. friends--who build us up, inspire, encourage, and comfort us when times are tough--how could we every live without each other

I am blessed.

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