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thanksgiving feathers and sweaters

I created a very simple thanksgiving display using sweaters and handmade paper feathers. I got the idea for the feather recently when I spotted this on Pinterest. {find the tutorial here .} I don't usually like a lot of thanksgiving decorations (turkeys, etc.). In fact, I just went through a box and took practically everything to the consignment store to sell. I grouped the sweater vases and feather with one sign I kept and a pumpkin leftover from Halloween. These sweater vases add some texture and interest, while still keeping it neutral. You could use an old sweater and just cut off the arms, but I used a pair of leg warmers I figured I wouldn't be wearing in the next couple of weeks. I just tucked some glass cups from the kitchen cupboard inside them and pushed in the excess. The feather was super easy to make and only took a couple of minutes. This is the kind of thanksgiving decoration I like, simple, cozy, and no turkey in sight! keep primping,

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