A Vintage Crate + Tea Party

Christmas Tea

Yesterday was my annual Christmas tea. I started this tradition years ago when I first got married and knew NO ONE in our neighborhood. I was newly-wed, moved away from all family and friends and living in a new State. So around the holidays I started getting homesick and decided to throw a tea party. I invited all the ladies in my cul-de-sac (mind you I didnt even know their names-I just walked up to each door and handed them an invite-very brave of me! I know) I had about 5 ladies show up. It was a lovely time and to this day I still keep in contact with two of these precious women even though we now live miles and States apart.

So yesterday I had some dear friends old and new attend my tea. And dumb me forgot to take pictures of these lovely women! but the guest list included Kristen from WeAreTHATfamily, Bridget from Bake at 350, Karen from Maydaymayday3, Sandi, Kimmy, Cheryl, my sisters Sarah, Lauren from TeamGiles, my Sister in law Mia, my mommy and my daughter (who was a HUGE help this year!).

The menu was a-la Sam's Club. Girls! with 3 little ones I have NO TIME to bake and play Martha-so Sam's Club to the rescue. My first few tea parties I REFUSED to have anything store bought! I made everything from the scones down to the mock devonshire cream! pshaw! not anymore.

Thank you ladies for such a wonderful day!!

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