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************REPOST FROM JUNE 2010*********** I was window shopping the other day and came across this little boutique with this adorable little orange, white & black outfit with gold jewelry accents. And I turned to my husband and said: "this would make an awesome room!". When I got home I ran to my computer to try and recreate the outfit, then took that and designed this little SoHo living room. Heres the outfit:

And the room:

Its just goes to show you how much fashion and interior design go hand in hand. I always tell my clients- go look in your closet and there is usually a color palette that you gravitate to. It could be lots of bold graphic prints, subtle neutrals, bright & cheerful florals, or warm & ruddy colors-your clothing choices can really help you when it comes to decorating your home. So if your stuck on trying to decide what would look good in your home-head to your closet for some clues. Because if you like "wearing" it, your probably going to like "living" in it.

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