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For the love of Chrome

Dear friends! I have found a new spray paint love!! I know, I know- Heirloom White ROCKS. But this! this stuff is awesome! Its made by Rusteloum- and its CHROME.

Im sure its not new to many of you spray paint-aholics out there-but I have just discovered it. WOW! All those ugly plastic red ornaments from last year- yea there getting a coat of this. How Pottery-Barn-ish. You've seen these brass candlesticks many times over at GoodWill.

Well- look at it now with a fresh coat of Chrome.

And my brass $5 garage sale lamp- look how expensive it looks now.

Im also spray painting my gold-purchased from Michaels a million years ago-paper-mache deer. He looks AMAZING in Chrome.

For more fun bye-bye brass projects head over to 320 Sycamore

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