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Gussied up Garland

If your like me-spending $40 or $50 on those grand pre-decorated garlands is a no, no-or a can't, can't. I buy the cheapest pine, bendable (thats important)garland I can.

Use coupons, shop after Christmas-just get it cheap. Then add your lights. I usually add the 100 set white lights, but there are also some fun ones out there with little "pearl-like" bulbs-I used those on the fireplace garland.

Now the fun part-add "fillers". Greenery pics, berries, pine cones, feathers, etc.

I found this fun "summery" fern garland at Michaels and used my coupon daily for 4 days till I bought up all they had.

It adds a nice "lime green" punch that I wanted. Dont be afraid to mix Summer or Spring-like garlands into yours-it gives it a natural look.

I also wanted a wreath for my stairway mirror but didnt want the pine-look. I found this one in the Wedding section at Michaels-its a box-wood style. I added some "bling" to it with a napkin ring (yes napkin ring) and a "Joy" ornament.

To the wreath on the top of the stairs I added white butterflies from a baby shower I gave years ago-then added my "signature" black & white ribbon. Im calling it my "signature" ribbon cuz it makes me sound "fancy" and I hunted high and low for that ribbon!

What I love is by shopping the house, using what you have in a new way-gets you that "designer" look without having to sell your children on E-bay (yes that thought has crossed my mind on days like today). So go dig through your attic, basement, closet,get out those picks, summer garlands, napkin rings, tooth brushes, whatever floats your fancy and in the words of Rhoda at Southern Hospitality, "beef" up your garlands.

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