A Vintage Crate + table

Impromptu Tea Party

*******THIS IS A REPOST FROM JUNE 2010******
So the other day I headed to the grocery store for some Orange Juice. I made the mistake of walking through the floral section and stumbled across $5 orchids, and buckets full of fresh flowers for all under $6 a bundle! So needless to say my $3 orange juice purchase ended in over $60 of goods. But I was inspired-and I "had" to run with it (the line I told my hubby). The pink roses, green bells of Ireland, and snapdragons prompted me to pull out my lovely Lady Carlyle China and set the table for tea. (WARNING: lots of photos to follow )

These Bells of Ireland are just amazing!

And this is me playing with the settings on my camera-ugh I so need a photography class-hey at least I ventured off of Auto.

And then I got bored and moved everything over to my GoodWill dresser

Ahhh liquid gold in a cup!

Ok so now who wants to come over and share a cup of tea and cookies with me?

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