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The Christmas Tree

Oh the Christmas tree- the most dreaded piece of holiday decor in my home! Well its kinda a love/hate relationship. I HATE putting it up but once it up I love it. See our tree is fake, faux, un-natural, whatever you want to call it-but theres more--- its 12 feet tall! yes 12 -oh my gosh why do we do this -12 feet tall. It takes 3 hours to set up, 5-6 hours to fluff each branch, and another 6-8 hours to decorate. *sigh* every year I tell myself- "thats it!- we're getting a charlie brown tree!" and every year once the last ornament is placed and the lights turned down low- we plug it in and I smile.

Each branch is full of memories of ornaments collected over the years. My collection of hand blown glass ornaments has grown to the point where I dont think I *will* be able to go down to a smaller tree. I may have to shrink down to *several* smaller trees. But for now this honking (thats a Texas word ya'll) big tree is here to stay.

The gold ribbon that is woven through the branches is from Sams Club after Christmas sale- I got several bolts for $5.00 each!

Anyone else dread putting up their tree? and does anyone else have a booger of a time trying to get a decent photo of their tree? Sheesh! I took like 20 million photos!

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