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Tomato Cage Tree

I finally finished my Tomato Cage tree for our bedroom. This is so easy to make and you dont have to un-decorate it- just store it as is in the closet or attic. Its instant decor and cheap to make too.
Items you'll need:
1- tomato cage (at any garden center) price ranges from $1-$3
3-9 ft. garlands
1- strand of 100 set lights

First turn your cage upside down -so it looks like a T-Pee (is that how you spell that?-it looks funny)anyway---- gather the 3 pieces on top and wire them together-now you have a tree-form.

Start at the bottom and wrap your garlands around- you will have to fluff as you go-filling in the bare spaces.

Then wrap your lights, add your ornaments (use the wire to make them secure) Make a bow and place on top- Ta-da! you have your permanently decorated tree. You can have a tree for EVERY room and it wont take all year to put it up!

Here's one I did for the entry way

I also have one for the outside- use the plastic ornaments for outdoor use- you may have to re-do the tree every other year-if you live in a climate with harsh weather.

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