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E-Clients Bookshelves

I recently had an e-design where my client was needing some help decorating her wall to wall built in bookshelves. Her biggest dilemma was she did not want to paint the wood-but yet wanted it to feel fresh and updated. She also needed help with accessorizing the shelves. Here is the photo she sent me.

I first suggested painting the walls a cool gray and then lining the back of the shelves with grass-cloth wallpaper, a quick way to add some texture and color.(the wreaths on the doors were just an example of how she could incorporate some holiday decor into the room)
And here is my design board:

Bookshelves can be fun yet tricky to decorate. I suggest first de-cluttering and removing all those little "tchotchkes" that clutter up the space. When decorating your shelves with accessories keep in mind the larger the better- they fill up the space and are also visually more pleasing. You can also organize your books by color or cover them with decorative dust covers.

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