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Tangerine Tango

Im sure you have all heard by now that the 2012 Pantone Color is Tangerine Tango.

I've seen this color in fashion recently and even tired to incorporate it into my wardrobe, but its looks awful on me. My sister has this exact dress from J. Crew and it looks adorable on her- me, not so much!

Source: jcrew.com via Amanda on Pinterest
So I'm wondering how many will infuse this color into their homes? It is a bright and "in your face" kinda color, but I think if its used sparingly it can really make a statement. So I created this inspiration board with some "pops" of Tangerine. I'll admit many of these elements lean more towards the orange-y side-it was hard finding accessories that were the perfect "red-orange". I think pairing it with chocolate brown and warm gold accents make it feel chic and sophisticated.

So how about you? Are you going to do the Tangerine Tango this year? I think the only place I'll be wearing it is in my nail polish.

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