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What to do with that red sofa...

Im helping a client with her home remodel and we are soon moving onto the living room once all the flooring is installed. While her dream is to have all new furnishings (isnt that true for all of us)- its just not an option right now. So we are trying to incorporate her red sofa into the room while trying to make a serene, light and airy space. Several years ago when red and gold and heavy dark furnishings were all the rage (I like to call it the Tuscan Tango)- you saw many red sofas. Now mind you- I am not against red at all-its just a very bossy color and can really demand lots of attention in your room. Knowing how to use it sparingly is key.
You could get This: (my apologies to the owner of this room- I mean no harm)

Or This:

Via: Decor Pad
I created this mood board to show her how we could incorporate the red sofa along with some lighter colors and furnishings.

We are still tweaking this board a bit- she is wanting to add some blue in the mix- similar to the inspiration photo above and maybe tone down the rug. But we are definitely headed in the right direction. So what about you? do you have a bossy red sofa your trying to decorate around? or worse-- hubbys big green barcalounger?

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