A Vintage Crate + trip

Where have I been?

Im sure you are all wondering where in the world have I been (at least I like to think you have missed me).  I have been buried knee-deep in dirty closets and repainting rooms. 



yes, this is my closet/well “was” my closet-



its amazing what a little tossing & adding baskets will do for a space. ahhh I feel better.  What I “really” want is a chandelier to glam up the space. and speaking of chandeliers, look what I did to my daughters closet.






Bye-Bye Doors- Hello glam-girl!



(and her walls are not that pukish-green in real-life (ugh I hate my camera)


added a little chandy ($25 at Hobby Lobby people!!!)


Some $3 baskets from Marshalls (yes $3-clearance baby!)

She LOVES her new closet-there is good and bad about removing closet doors: 1) It forces you to keep it clean but 2) your little brother has FULL access to all your stuff.


And now onto paint:

Last weekend I finally painted the family room-unfortunately my camera DID NOT capture a good picture.  Its Pottery Barn (Benjamin Moore) Berber White.



After that painting experience-I got the itch (anyone else get that)  I sat on the floor for days staring at this:


I finally got the guts to buy some samples and did this to the dining room wall:


Whats cool about this little “test” is I put it where my large mirror usually hangs- so until I make my final decision I can just hang the mirror back up and hide my “testing”.  I do still plan on doing the fun stripe with the flat & gloss finish-but I am dreading re-taping all that!  It was a chore the first time & because I have to prime everything I will lose my lines.


So that is what I have been up to.  and of course the snot fairy decided to visit us this week- JOY JOY JOY!

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