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23 Days of Terror

I just recently finished reading "23 Days of Terror" by Angie Cannon. This was an amazing true crime book about the Washington D.C. Snipers. The book walks the reader through the entire horrific killing spree that terrorized the D.C. area.

The thing that affected me the most throughout the book is the numerous accounts of police in the D.C. area that had actually pulled the snipers over on the highway for various reasons and then let them go again without even a ticket. These events occurred while the nation was investigating who could be a suspect.

There were also a number of downfalls to the investigation surrounding this case. For the longest time, due to a false lead, the police departments involved were searching for the wrong vehicle.

The book just opened my eyes into how much goes into an investigation like this and how much room there is for error! It's an amazing read!


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