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At first I swore I wouldn't post about Avatar, but in the end felt it was essential. I actually did really enjoy the movie. I'm not sure, however; if the movie is worth all of the commercial hype! I felt as though the story was a futuristic science-fiction version of "Dances With Wolves." The soldier with a purpose co-mingles with the natives and ultimately joins them in their fight against his own armies. That's exactly what happens here, just in a different light and in 3D! I thought the visuals were outstanding. If this is the reason for all of the praise, then I'm completely on board. I felt like I was myself walking through the jungles of Pandora! James Cameron topped his gigantic special effects of Titanic with this larger than life imagery based film. It was hard for me to judge the acting since it was mostly animated characters. That is the case with all character except Sigorney... she's always excellent! I was moved a little by the movie to consider how what I might do on a daily basis might impact the environment. I know this movie gets a lot of grief for potentially pushing an environmentalist agenda. My argument would be: "this is a prefect venue to begin teaching children in a subtle way that we do need to consider how are actions will affect the environment and the earth that supports us all!" There I did actually say that! ;-) RATING: B+

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