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Crazy Heart

Ok... Well, I saw Crazy Heart this afternoon with my friend Ross. It was a great movie about an alcoholic who turns his life around for the better. Jeff Bridges' character, Bad Blake, is a train wreck and Jeff's acting ability pulls it off with flying colors. You'd swear Jeff was once a recovering alcoholic himself! Ross and I were so moved we went straight to the liquor store right after the movie and bought loads of alcohol. That seems strange, but after this movie, you will need to have a drink! Now I'm sitting here typing my blog entry with a happy blend of hot black tea and Chai Liqueur! I was also impressed by Jeff's singing capability. I'm not a fan of the country-folk genre of music, but was highly impressed. Not sure that it was enough to make me go out and buy the soundtrack, but it added a certain charm to Bad Blake! Overall it was a good story with good acting! Jeff deserves the Best Actor award at the Oscar's in a couple of weeks! RATING: B+

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