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Headed Up to Cali

^^ Rainy Santa Barbara but still super excited to be on the road together! Solvang, California, Danish^^ Adorable Danish community. I could have stayed for hours walking around all the little shops. Solvang, CA, Danish

^^ I don't know what this leaning pose is, but I love love love this entryway! This WILL be the entry to my future dream house someday. Last week my husband and I decided to get away and take a road trip up the California coast. I am originally from California and Blake lived there for a while so we are pretty familiar with most of it. But there is still always so much to see every time we visit that we thought it would be fun to go be tourists! Our trip started with just getting there. On our way to the coast we went through this huge wind and sand storm, that was literally tipping semi trucks and trailers over on their sides! We probably saw 5 semis on the road tipped over! And not only that, but the sand managed to completely crack our windshield! Then, right as we were getting through the storm, everything become covered in smoke. We could hardly see through it! It turns out that it was a house and all of the trees around it on fire right off the freeway! It was so scary, I hope everyone was alright! All that and we were still trying to make it over to the ocean! Our first stop was Santa Barbara. Neither of us had actually ever stopped in Santa Barbara and I was excited to walk around on the beach and the wharf but when we got there it was pouring rain! So we just had a quick lunch and kept going. Since we had been driving all morning through the rain we were pretty ready to just go to our hotel and crash but I'm so glad we didn't. We would have missed the adorable little town of Solvang! It's a little Danish town with hundreds of shops selling trinkets, antiques, wine, everything! We grabbed some homemade ice-cream and window shopped before moving on and stopping for the night in Paso Robles.

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