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Hearst Castle

^^ Flags in the dining hall represent the Italian horse race Palio di Siena

^^ There were so many amazing corners like this everywhere I turned

^^ There is detail in literally everything in this house

Our third day into our Cali trip we made it up to see Hearst Castle. I had gone as a little girl and remember thinking it was really cool but didn't remember much more than that. It was INCREDIBLE. Blake and I love that Mediterranean, old world style and oohed and awed at all of the decorative arts collections. He had ceilings from the 16th century, fireplaces imported from ancient European castles, and two entire libraries full of old books, we loved it. It was also really interesting to learn about Hearst. What a unique guy. I love that he designed the home so intricately and his desire for it was to entertain his guests at. Such a dream! We got back and I told Blake "It took Hearst 30 years to build his castle, we should start now!"

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