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Morgan Page - Fight For You

Morgan Page is a DJ in the genre world of electronic dance. He uses different singers for vocals on his tracks similar to Moby , but his sound is more similar to Bad Boy Bill or Calvin Harris. The first single off of his upcoming album "Believe" is a track entitled: "Fight For You." There is a great video for it out there on YouTube! It's got a great sound to it, filled with dance beats and smooth vocals! I ran to it on the treadmill the other night. It really had me going! I think his album will be full of tracks that are in the same caliber! I really appreciate the fact that Morgan Page's music is not that extended trance-y stuff with long intros you have to wait through. His tracks are right into the vocals and solid house beats. I personally think many of the songs could be very radio friendly! As for this first single... Morgan Page is off to the right start!!! RATING: B+ Fight For You

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