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Norah Jones - The Fall

I liked Norah Jones way back when she surfaced onto the pop-jazz scene. I loved her voice on the track "Don't Know Why" back in 2001, until it was overplayed by every radio station in the nation! . I fell out of sorts with Norah over the years until I recently saw the video for "Chasing Pirates" off her new album "The Fall." Same great voice, but she now has a new sound. She's infused a lot of interesting drums into her newer songs. . The album is still on the mellow side, but his much more bouncy than her previous material. I definitely think Norah has matured in her singing and artistic creativity. "Chasing Pirates" is a great song. Lyrically I associate with the repeat chorus "I can't slow down." That's totally me right now... in high gear, fast paced! . This is the album you should be listening to on your drive home from work on those evenings you need to unwind and release! Relax and enjoy Norah, ... .Stress Free! RATING: B- Chasing Pirates

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