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Percy Jackson - The Lightning Thief

I recently saw this movie in the theatre and was pleasantly surprised at how well I liked it. I am not a reader of the books, so I had nothing to compare to the movie.

The storyline was fun. I'd say the film had elements of both "Harry Potter" and "The X-Men." I think it is amusing to play off of Greek Mythology. I particularly enjoyed watching Uma Thurman play the role of Medusa... .LOVED THAT!

This is a good movie to see with that combo of good for kids and good for adults. The visuals and characters are depicted well and the underworld scenery is detailed.

My only complaint is that some of the acting seemed a bit amateur. I did not think that the bad acting took away from the movie though! It was still an enjoyable two hours. I hope they make enough money to inspire a second movie to continue on with the second book.


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