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Rachel Getting Married

An interesting tale about a recovering alcoholic... what is it with me and movies about alcoholics lately! Everything takes place at the main character's sister's wedding. I was reminded as to how ridiculous weddings are after watching this film. The movie is out on DVD so this is a NETFLIX SPECIAL!!!!

Anne Hathaway plays a tough character. You get sucked into her world of self destruction and ultimately feel good about it! At times, her acting is so believable that you want to reach through the screen and slap her silly and scream the famous Cher line: "Snap Out of It!"

I thought the director did a good job having the film portray the hardships that alcoholism have on both the alcoholic and the family of the alcoholic. Both sides to the addition experience the downward spiral!

The part that moved me the most was the main character's attempt to blame her mother for the death of her brother that in fact she was the one who caused his death! The intensity in that scene pushed me a little further off the edge of my couch. Then I grabbed a pillow to hug and all was better!


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