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Sade - Soldier of Love

This is a Bathtub Album... Seriously... Light a candle, fill your tub with hot water and bath bubbles, dim the lights and play this album in the bathroom starting with the track: "The Safest Place" and you'll soon see what I mean!

Forget the poppy, bouncy, up-beat stuff. This album is completely driven by deep emotional moods. Sade's voice carries each song into a mellow soulful vibe. Even some of the more uptempo tracks, like "Bring Me Home," allow me to decompress after work and relax into the melody!

So do not listen to this album on the way to the gym... you'll never make it through your workout. Instead, make a romantic dinner for that someone special, dim the lights, and play "Soldier of Love" as you serve up a delicious plate of soul!


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