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The Blind Side

So... I make it a habit each year to see all of the Oscar Best Picture contenders prior to the awards being announced ! This year I've already seen most of the nominees for best picture, all except for "The Blind Side." I am not the biggest fan of football themed movies! This was, however, much more than a simple underdog football movie. I have never been more inspired to think more about how I may help others who may be less fortunate than me! I was truly moved by the unquestionable generosity exhibited by the family in this movie. That being said, I was more impressed by the human characteristics of "Big Mike" or Michael as he preferred to be called. He is a gentle guy hiding under a visually different exterior. he knew it, yet had the courage to smile at whatever life brought to him! I loved his character most of all. Another piece of this movie that affected me was the end credits when you get to see for the first time real pictures of the characters depicted in the movie. I honestly didn't realize it was a true story until that point. Having the fact that it was a true story revealed to me after I had seen the entire movie was the best thing that could have happened. It brought to life the characters I was originally willing to leave behind at the theatre when I walked out at the end. Now that I know they are existing , living and breathing people; I am all the more inspired!!! RATING: A+

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