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Up In The Air

This weekend I caught a viewing of "Up In The Air" with my friend Christopher! It was pretty good, but not my favorite of the Best Picture nominations this year. George Clooney was good as usual, but just good, nothing spectacular. On the other hand, Anna Kendrick was just that: Spectacular! She had the role of a young ambitious know-it-all! We laughed at many of her portrayals of her character's frustrated moments when having to work with Clooney's character, which was a polar opposite! The only thing this film moved me to emotionally realize was that getting fired by someone your boss has hired specifically to fire you must really suck! Firing people is bad enough, let alone having a perfect stranger do it for you! I am slightly curious to know someone who actually has this job in real life. I'd ask them: "How's that job working out for ya? Does it make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?" Overall good movie, ok storyline, but it will not win Best Picture! RATING: C+

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