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My friend let me borrow this DVD. It was another Oscar nomination for Best Picture that I hadn't seen. I'm bit confused by the categories. Isn't there already a "Best Animated Feature Film" category of which "Up" is already nominated? So then why is it also nominated for "Best Picture"? Despite that little controversy, the film was entertaining. I never had a cartoon make me feel sad like this one did during the scenes with old man and his wife growing old together. Maybe it was the score, who knows. At any rate, the beginning scenes really make you feel for the old man and his unrealized dreams! My favorite parts of the movie all came in the second half after the main characters meet up with Kevin the bird and Doug the dog! Leave it to Pixar to add silly humor in a very creative way! I was slightly moved to think about how life would be if my pets could talk like Doug. I think my cat Parker would have loads to say to me, and not all good I might add! I also think the Pixar folks did a good job providing a mix of adult content and fun stuff for kids, making this film an all around good family film! So, yes, rent it, enjoy it, don't buy it, and don't be surprised if it takes Best Animated Feature Film and does not win Best Picture at the Oscar's. RATING: B

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