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I'm a huge fan of WEEDS, one of the best things Showtime ever did as a premier network. I'm on the 5th Season DVDs right now and loving every second of it!

A single mother in an upright community turned pot dealer creates for a fantastic storyline. All of the characters are screwed up and dysfunctional in their own ways. It's particularly fun to watch the characters develop from season to season in their tangled drama.

As I'm gearing up for the last few episodes of the 5th season, I was encouraged to write a small review about the show to denote its worth! The script writing for this show is brilliant. Every twist and turn in the story line in each season has been nothing but surprises. And I'm usually pretty good at predicting the chain of events before they happen... not here... not Weeds. That is a symptom of pure genius writing!

Mary Louise Parker is witty, seductive, and strong with her character! Additionally, she is backed by a cast of other actors and actresses that are just as complex and detailed. You will laugh like you've never laughed with some of the stuff that goes down on the show. If ever you thought you were in a tough predicament... watch a few episodes of Weeds and you won't feel so bad about your own predicament!

Love the show... go rent the DVD's - NETFLIX SPECIAL!!!


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